Coffee Time Romance & More




December 1, 2012
Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
81 Pages
Romance Contemporary, Western
Rating: 5 Cups

Having felt used by the greediness of many in the world, Jake wants to get away from the hustle and bustle that consumes and drains him. He decides to purchase and move to the wilderness out west in Freewill, Wyoming. It is much more appeasing with the lack of people and abundance of nature. He gets to see his property once arriving at his new destination, and sees the condemned house in need of either bulldozing or major renovation. He is successful at putting pieces back together. The skills that make him an awesome attorney are always lurking, ready to surface. He just has to know what to fix.

Chris is sent to spy on the new buyer of the house next door that will either work with her family, or work against them. Irritation is not even the word for what she feels. She is not thrilled that her family did not win the bid for the house and be able to continue their legacy on the property that extended from theirs. Her brothers are interested in seeing if they can make a go of working with the new owner, or getting him to move far away, without him even knowing what hit him.

There is a history of the new property Jake has obtained that he does not know about. He has been waking up from nightmares that distress him quite a bit. He is very fond of the property, but not the lady that haunts him in his dreams. There is so much going on in his nightmares that he is afraid to fall asleep. Even his dog is having a hard time sleeping, sensing the apprehension of his owner.

I like this book because it was wholesome, entertaining, and passionate. It has romance, mystery, thrills, and suspense that were in all the right places. It was very captivating throughout the entire book with humor and action that kept the pages turning. It is very well written with a plot, characters, and flow that Ms. Dale put together really well, I am giving this novel 4 cups for its ability to warm, enrich, and provoke my mind and body.

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