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ISBN #: 9780983589228
May 2011
Pink Petal Books
E Book
$ 4.99
124 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Harley is a librarian at the local community college. She lives with her beloved grandfather who raised her and leads a pretty quiet life.

Kaspar is the son of wealthy parents, but supports himself by working as a security consultant. He has no love for spoiled trust-fund babies.

Harley will soon be coming into a substantial trust fund her grandfather has set up, but her greedy parents believe they are entitled to the money. Harley's grandfather hires Kaspar to ensure they will not be able to access her funds. Kaspar is expecting a spoiled little rich girl and instead meets a wholesome, hardworking and caring woman who appeals to him more than any woman ever has.

I really enjoyed reading Kaspar and Harley's story. The author does a good job in telling their love story. The parents were a bit over the top and the premise not especially believable, but the rest of the tale more than made up for it. Harley is much more than the good girl people see on the surface, and Kaspar notices that right away. The subplot of his relationship with his parents is a nice counterpoint to Harley's family dynamic. This is a well-written and entertaining tale.

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