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Naked Series
Book 1: The Naked Marquis
Book 2: The Naked Earl
Book 3: The Naked Gentleman
Book 4: The Naked Baron
Book 5: The Naked Duke
Book 6: The Naked Viscount
Book 7: The Naked King

Naked series, Book 7
ISBN#: 9781420102550
June 2011
Zebra Books
352 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Lady Anne Marston is in London to help her younger sister, Evie, through the Season. Lady Anne never had her coming out due to a variety of situations. The birth of her twin brothers was one, but the fact that Anne snuck away from a house party at the age of seventeen and lost her virginity was the biggest problem.

Stephen Parker-Roth is known as the King of Hearts throughout London, and it is not because he is good at cards. He is not looking to get married until he runs into a gorgeous redhead who takes his breath away.

Courtesy of the family dog, Harry, Lady Anne happens into Stephen in Hyde Park. An unfortunate accident landed Stephen in a mud puddle and Lady Anne in a very interesting predicament. The instant attraction between the two of them that puts them in a passionate embrace in front of the town’s gossip has Stephen offering to wed Anne. Anne is certain that it will end at the end of the Season, but Stephen is determined to keep Anne in his arms forever. Because of her indiscretion ten years previous, Anne has wiped aside all hopes of getting married and having a family. But with the King of Hearts pledging his heart to her alone, Anne begins to believe again. Until the one person who knows her secret threatens her.

Giggling from the very first chapter is always a good sign, but laughing out loud? Well, that certainly promises a fantastic journey for the reader. With a title like, The Naked King, how could I not expect something fun? I was not disappointed. Ms. MacKenzie takes the reader through this page-turner with grace and ease, holding their attention captive as they follow Lady Anne and Stephen. The reader is introduced to new characters and meets up with some old friends as well. Having never read this series, I was able to follow the story from beginning to end with absolutely no confusion. However, I have had to add this series to my auto-buy list. I think you will, too.

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