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June 10, 2011
ISBN# Not issued
Whispers Publishing
124 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Ann Dragos, who goes by Bunny, was destined to come into her slayer powers on her twenty-first birthday. Instead, she slept with a vampire and lost her powers. Now, she is hell-bent on revenge.

Ian McGregor was a Highland warrior who was turned to a vampire in 1186. At eight hundred years of age, he is looking for some revenge of his own.

Bunny is not happy. Not only did she lose her powers and virginity, now she has to guard her bimbo cousin, Bambi, who is a slayer. Bambi is trouble in high heels. Bunny has been on the run from Ian, exacting revenge by blowing up his antique cars. Bambi tells Ian where Bunny can be found, and Bunny’s life takes a drastic twist. The vampire who killed her mother now wants Bunny. And he is not the only one. Her savior will come in a package that she certainly does not expect.

I cannot decide where to start. Do I start with Bunny, the sarcastic and funny woman who finds trouble everywhere she goes? Or do I begin with Ian, the sexy and seductive Highland warrior turned vampire? Ian made me drool from the very beginning. He makes my blood run hot. Bunny is, well, she’s a lot like me. Stubborn and sarcastic, ballsy and funny, her “take no prisoners” attitude made her an absolute delight to read about. Throw in a dragon named Modred who acts like a puppy, and my funny bone was tickled beyond belief. There is action and adventure to be had. Danger is hiding around every corner. There is so much fun to be had within the pages of this story.

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