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The Sarah Weston Chronicles
Book 1: The Tenth Saint
Book 2: The Riddle of Solomon
Book 3: The Oracle

The Sarah Weston Chronicles, Book 3
ISBN: 9781605426273
November 2015
Medallion Press
Trade Paperback
362 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Stolen antiquities are all too common in places like Thebes, but archeologist Sarah Weston knows there is something far more sinister happening than a few missing artifacts. What bothers her most is the feeling her partner may somehow be involved.

Very little sleep and constant worry are recipes for disaster for Daniel Madigan, and he can feel himself slipping. Right now Sarah’s safety is his only concern. Even if she never forgives him, it will be worth it to keep her out of danger.

Fear begins to overwhelm Sarah as she slowly unravels the mystery behind Daniel’s strange behavior. Besides his sudden disappearances and ragged appearance, Sarah is seriously beginning to worry about his mental health. Revealing the truth, however, is even more terrifying. She and Daniel understand they have very little hope of coming out of this alive, but if they fail, the consequences will be felt world-wide.

From clamoring through unstable caves to scaling rock walls, Sarah and Daniel are in a constant state of survival mode. In this fast-paced story Sarah takes the lead, relying on years of physical and mental fortitude to get the job done. Daniel however is nearing his breaking point, which makes Sarah’s strength even more important. The amount of research to pull this story together is clearly evident, and definitely provides a rich and detailed plot for the reader to follow and enjoy.

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