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ISBN- 10: 0062012096/ 13: 978-0062012098
February 2011
Harper Perennial
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

In the town of Constanta on the Black Sea in 1877, Eleonora Cohen was born, her life already in confusion when her mother dies in childbirth. As she grows under the care of her father and Aunt, she is soon found to be something of a child prodigy.

When Eleonora’s father travels to Stamboul, she stows away in his trunks and little does she know her life is about to change again. Staying with a friend of her father’s opens her eyes to a whole different world than she is used to.

Another tragedy happens in her life with the death of her father, and Eleonora’s future is uncertain. But it seems everyone is now interested in her; everyone, even her aunt who abandoned her to The Sultan. What is such a young girl to do?

This is a book that, when I started reading, I was unsure if I would like it. But, I was pleasantly surprised at the picture Mr. Lukas has painted for the reader. It is filled with the sights and sounds and smells that take you on a trip to another place and time with characters that enrich the story. Definitely, this is a story that can be enjoyed by readers of all genres and ages.

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