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ISBN#: 1610341333
March 2011
Siren Publishing
134 Pages
Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Tyvan is a pilot who has taken a deep space mission only to have his ship shot down and be stuck on an alien planet.

Chloe Jones is his girlfriend.

Glenn Mathias is a federation officer who has come to interview Chloe after it is believed that Tyvan did not survive.

Anaki is the alien woman who rescues Tyvan from certain death.

Braxton is a greedy general who wants Chloe at any cost even the death of her lover.

When Tyvan’s ship begins to go down, he has no idea if he is going to survive the landing on Urtopia, but he sure as hell is going to do his best! With the help of his AI Eve, he just barely manages it, only to just about lose his life to one of the wildlife. Fortunately for him, an alien woman Anaki saves him. Highly intelligent, Anaki learns English quickly and the two begin to become close as she teaches him how to survive on Urtopia. In the meantime, Chloe is being told by the general that her lover Tyvan did not survive the crash to Urtopia, and she begins evaluating the relationship in her mind, so much so, that in her grief she allows the general liberties she should not. He, in turn, uses those to try and force her into a relationship with him. Fortunately, she is smart and does not allow this. When she meets Glenn, she sees something she truly likes, but when she hears that he is going to Urtopia to retrieve Tyvan’s AI and find out what really happened, she insists on going with him, even though she will be the only woman on a ship full of miners who have been convicted of horrible crimes on Earth. Things get dicey from there, and whether or not either of these two couples will survive to enjoy their new relationships is not known.

I enjoyed reading The Outer Rim, especially the parts about Tyvan and Anaki, although the rest of the book was enjoyable as well. There is plenty of hot sex in this book, and the author does a good job of using it to further the storyline. The world building was well written, and there were plenty of surprises along the way as each couple figures out what they really want. My only real issue with the story was the constant jumping back and forth between what was happening with the characters, for me this was a bit of a distraction and made the story a bit more difficult to read. Other than that, this is definitely a story that is worth buying and checking out, especially if you enjoy erotic sci-fi romance as I do.

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