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ISBN: (PB)978-1-61581-637-8/(EB)978-1-61581-638-5
November 12, 2010
Dreamspinner Press
Paperback / E-Book
$17.99 / $6.99
348 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Although he barely knows his father, Dr. Marco d’Argenzio is nevertheless extremely grateful to him for his endless generosity. The care for his mentally ill mother and his very expensive education would never have been possible without the help of his father, Marcus d’Argenzio, il Duca de Aragoni.

In the last ten years his relationship with Marco has only gotten stronger, and now that he is nearly done with his second doctorate, Dr. Danilo Rosati is excited to begin the second phase of their life. They have both worked extremely hard to get where they are, and a nice long vacation is just the ticket before they embark on their careers.

Marco and Dani cannot believe their luck when Marco’s father offers them a summer vacation in Italy at virtually no cost, but the real reason behind the trip is to get some answers to a very puzzling discovery. Dani’s work with DNA gives him the unique opportunity to study thousands of blood samples, and what he and Marco stumbled upon before leaving Boston is only the beginning. Marco’s father has some very bizarre explanations for everything they have uncovered, and it is now up to them to blaze a new trail for the d’Argenzio line. Their summer vacation turns into the most pivotal point in their lives, and every day brings with it a new adventure they must meet head on, and side by side.

The overall flow of this story is very journalistic in its delivery, and reads much like a documentary of Marco and Dani’s adventures. There is, however, very little in the way of deep and abiding emotion between these two characters, even though their commitment to each other is quite evident. The scenery is lovingly described, and the dialogue feels free and easy, but I would like to see less of their travel itinerary and more of their heart. I am excited to see there is an upcoming sequel, where hopefully we will learn how Marco’s lineage came to be, and what he and Dani will do to make their love last.

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