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ISBN# 9781782346555
February 2013
House of Erotica Books
40 Pages
BDSM Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Balancing the Books

Books have always been a passion for Philip, yet they are the farthest thing from his mind when he enters the bookshop.

Observing the man in front of her, Giovanna makes plans to put him straight to work.

Philip has no need for the job. What he really wants is to be in the presence of such a magnificent woman. Giovanna does not disappoint him.

Giovanna is absolutely luscious and alluring, which is exactly what Philip craves, even if he has never known it.

Feeling the Heat

With her mood going sour, Maisie lashes out at her boyfriend.

Trying to explain his actions is getting Taylor nowhere. He will just have to show her.

Once she gets going, Maisie has a hard time holding her tongue. Now she is glad she could not keep her mouth shut.

You can only push a man so far before he takes matters into his own hands, and what really great hands Taylor has!

The Perfect Dom

Mia’s dry spell is making her very testy, although she is having a hard time regretting her words.

Resisting temptation is just too much for Alex.

The words are out before Mia’s brain really registers what she is saying. Thankfully, Alex is just the right man to put her in her place.

Those little Freudian slips sometimes come at the perfect moment.

Meet Me at the Spanish Steps

The language barrier does not cause Darby much of a problem, except when it comes to getting the type of sexual release she so desperately needs.

Answering the ad, William is ready to meet the woman who wants what he is so willing to give.

Darby cannot wait six more months until she is back home, so she finds another Brit in Rome to help her out. She can get sex anywhere, but what she needs is someone who can give her more.

Darby takes a chance. What she gains is more than worth it.

Knowing what makes you tick is one thing. Finding the person who can wind you up, however, is the real trick. This collection of short stories highlights the perfect moment when it all clicks. I love the balance of pleasure and pain these couples share, especially when it keeps you begging for more. Ms. Felthouse does not just have a finger on the pulse of her readers, she is the one who ramps it up!

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