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Soul Mates

Book 1: To Seduce a Soulmate
Book 2: The Pirate's Surrender

To Seduce a Soulmate, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781771110365
December 15, 2011
eXtasy Books
205 Pages
Contemporary Gay GLBT Holiday Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Looking back on the last few weeks Drake Seymour is more than a little shook up over what has transpired. Men were never on his mind when it came to sex, but it seems he has found one huge exception.

It may have been a fantasy on his part, but Martin Shaw thought that once he found his soul mate the rest would be easy. Nothing about loving his pirate has been easy however, and Martin knows the harder he pushes the sooner Drake will run.

All of this talk about soul mates and destiny throwing him and Martin together is more than Drake can take. He needs a little time to wrap his mind around everything, but when he gets it, he feels completely lost. Martin and Drake’s careers bring them together once again, and Drake cannot get enough, but he is still not sure he is ready for where his heart is heading. The inner battle that Drake is fighting has to come to an end, and Martin prays the outcome will be in their favor.

Martin and Drake are an explosion of hot male loving, and the complete denial of anything that resembles heartfelt emotions, especially on Drake’s part. Both men freely engage in sex with other partners, but you can feel how distant and unsatisfying these encounters are becoming. Their need for each other goes well beyond sex, and it is great to see how Martin gives Drake the time and freedom to find his way in their relationship. The odd fixation on nicknames aside, I found this story to be sexy and engaging.

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