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ISBN# 9781937325688
April 2013
Publisher Beachwalk Press, Inc.
56 Pages
Science-Fiction Futuristic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kadie Frost is an orphan. Grown up in the slums, she has worked hard to make something of her life. A cruel gang blackmails her, wanting to use her and her ship to smuggle for them. Jonah catches her and wants to use her for her knowledge of the area of where she has grown up to catch the gang. She does not belong in Jonah’s world, no matter how hard she is falling for him.

Captain Jonah Fielding has been brought to Centauri to clean up its Department of Authority. His plan is to use Kadie for her familiarity of the slums, not to find himself drawn to her. He offers the solution of marrying her in order to keep her close and safe, just for the duration of the operation of course. But their growing infatuation for each other has him rethinking his decision of using her as bait.

The brutal gang will have to be dealt with in order to help free Centauri of crime and to keep Kadie safe. After, they can concentrate on the smoldering passion growing between them and work on making their pretend marriage for real. There is just the question of being born and raised in different worlds–one from privilege, the other from poverty. Will their new love be enough to bridge the gap?

It is tricky to balance and develop characters, a new world, romance and a plot into a novella, but Ms. Nix does not scrimp with any of them, making it well-rounded and satisfying to read. It is a quick and easy read, full of excitement. The chemistry between Jonah and Kadie just begs to be addressed. It makes for intense, hot interactions and proves that love will find a way.

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