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ISBN: 978-0-06-236285-8 (HC), 978-0-06-236287-2 (EB)
March 17, 2015
William Morrow
Hard Cover, E-Book
$25.99 / $14.99
303 Pages
Suspense, Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

These days, Dana Catrell feels like everything she holds dear is slipping further away. She understands the progression of her illness, knowing there is only a small window of time to find out if she really did kill her neighbor Celia.

Whatever else is falling apart in his life, Detective Jack Moss can always count on his job being a constant. The pressure to solve the murder of Celia Steinhauser is coming on strong, but this is the first time his personal life has interfered with a case.

In the manic phase of her disorder Dana is a star burning hot and bright, where her clarity is sharp as a knife and she can do anything. During this time she is desperate to understand her role in Celia’s death, even as her marriage and her sanity crumble away. Jack, too, is in a fight to keep his estranged son out of his investigation, which forces him to dig deep into the lies surrounding this case. His focus is torn between Dana, Celia’s husband, and his own son as suspects, but there is more here if he can just find the right thread to pull.

Dana’s mind is a kaleidoscope: full of color, sound, and smells that bombard her to the point of distraction, but it is only during this time that she feels truly alive. If mental illness is anything like what this author portrays, it is no wonder the disease is so misunderstood. Jack’s life; however, is a commonly sad statistic: failed marriages, embittered son, and a job that requires his full attention. It is his absolute dedication to find the truth that ramps up the intensity and makes this story really stand out.

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