Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781611561142
March 2011
296 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As a child Harry Middleton could only depend on his grandfather to really understand him, but as his grandfather predicted Harry would someday find his soul mate. They are only fourteen when they meet, and have no clue that the world is about to erupt in their faces.

Home life for Lorrie Grissom is a nightmare after her father’s death, and as the years pass it only gets worse. The brightest spot in her young life is a boy whose heart shows through his eyes, and makes her feel like she is the center of his universe.

Testing of the Star Drive is like a ray of hope for many Americans during a time when economic decay has almost completely destroyed a nation, but Harry has the brains and ability to succeed where others will not. A crushing blow to his young heart nearly derails him, but with friends by his side Harry blazes a career path that will go down in the history books. Harry finds a love that spans decades, and yet he never forgets the young girl who completed him in ways that only a soul mate can. When some things are lost they can never be replaced, but Harry learns to rebuild his life over and over again, and it is something he works a lifetime teaching others.

One step at a time Harry changes the world around him, and it is an amazing thing to behold. I love how he never lets anyone dissuade him from what he truly wants, and even though he may often fail, he is smart enough to learn from his mistakes. Tragedy strikes at his heart more than once, but he perseveres and becomes a better man for it. I really enjoyed the direction this story takes, and how Harry helps a country heal itself instead of just relying on an easy way out.

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