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ISBN: 978-1-77130-545-7
September 9, 2013
Evernight Publishing
40 pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Amber, a Merlid, is the Keeper of scrolls, which represent peace for the Ionians. That peace will be put at risk with an attempted kidnap, but Seljuk shows up just in time to save her and wisk her away to get them. She thought that the scrolls would be safe where she had them, stored somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but to avert war they will need to get to them first. They will have to drive cross country, bravely endure sleazy motel rooms, opportunist hicks, and the imminent danger of Crispin, the Carthaginian Prince who wants an end to that peace.

Seljuk, the Dorian Prince of the Ionians, is tipped off to an impending war and prepares to go to the Keeper to keep her and the scrolls safe. Instead of the easy task of retrieving her along with the scrolls, he has to escort her to where she keeps them. He was not expecting to be instantly attracted to her, or for her to not have the scrolls nearby. Finding the scrolls is important to prevent war, but he begins to wonder if they are worth it when faced with the prospect of losing Amber, whom he has begin to care deeply about.

The two travel towards where she kept the scrolls in North Dakota, trying to cover all angles to keep Crispin from finding them, and foregoing traditional ways of travel. The closer they get to their, goal more dangers appear; the biggest one possibly even waiting for them. During their initial meeting an attraction sparks, and the road trip, with its many perils forcing it hotter, possibly even producing love between them. They will find that falling in love can happen at any time, even when they are running for their lives, trying to head off Armageddon

I find this story to have had a great balance of everything; intriguing new races, suspense, some humor, and a hot and intense relationship and interactions between two sexy people. It is sometimes hard to contain a complete story, with plot, characters, and a new world in a few pages and have the story still be entertaining. However, Ms. Brittan accomplishes it, creating an intriguing world that I understood and leaving me thirsty for more stories set in it. I really enjoy this story and would definitely read another set in the same world.

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