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The Royals of AdrieL Series
Book 1: Queen of the Stars
Book 2: The Princess of the Wild

The Royals of AdrieL Series, Book 2
28 November 2012
Lorelei Orion
419 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Skye is a beautiful, intelligent woman who has spent most of her life in the wilds. She wakes up in a brothel where she meets Nicholas, who will give her the first taste of pleasure. It is just the beginning to an adventure that will uncover an illicit slave trade, deal with the mystery of Skye’s background and the ups and downs of a romance. On the way home, Nicholas seems too good to be true, so she will question herself about who he really is, and if she is good enough for him.

Nicholas is an intelligent and handsome adventurer. He is also the Prince Royal of Adriel who is incognito to protect his family. Restless until he comes across Skye, he is entranced by her. However, events happen that lead him to think she is a thief, then she is kidnapped and rescuing her will lead to more than finding the object of a new obsession. It will also reveal troubles they have not seen coming, and it will have him questioning his adventurer lifestyle. He thinks he is falling for Skye, but is afraid deep down to commit to her and reveal who he really is.

Skye and Nicholas’s first meeting is more than normal, and is a start to a great romance with a background of imminent danger. He is sure he wants her, but will not give her a permanent place in his life till he is convinced otherwise. She is sure she wants him, but her dreams of a mystery man, though thinking of her own inadequacies will keep her from committing. Behind the scenes of their unfolding romance is the imminent danger of an invading alien force and the mystery of who her father really has been and his full story.

Heavy on the romance this story is a dramatic space opera with passionate characters but without too much adventure to it. It is well written, using expressive words and descriptions of technology, beings and customs of the planets they go to, not to mention the decadent sort of society. Skye is introduced as a strong, intelligent and independent person. Throughout the book, there are flashes of questionable decisions and actions, which seem to go against this description. I would recommend this story to someone who loves reading dramatic romances and wants one with a futuristic setting and not too heavy in the adventure.

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