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ISBN# 978-1-58479-723-0
May 2009
Awe-Struck Publishing
181 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Captain Julius Bertrand is owner of the colony’s reputable trade ship, The Specter. He hears there is a bounty on his head and feels it is probably from the Spanish. When he strikes up a friendship with Kate, he is afraid to take it to another level.

Kate O’Connell is not one for parties. After attending one with her father, she meets Captain Bertrand, where she is not afraid to voice her opinion on a good many things.

Kate is not one to sit quiet when it comes to strong political beliefs and does not mind making a stand against such. While settling in San Madrid with her father, she makes the acquaintance of Julius. She finds him a mysterious creature, whereas he finds Kate a curious soul and for some reason feels drawn to her. They try desperately to fight against any impending feelings stirring inside their hearts. He believes a woman, for any sailor, is only distraction and that is something he does not need at the moment. Will his actions frighten her or draw her into his web of falling in love every minute they spend together?

The Privateer is a stirring story, as the seas deliver passion, as well as a bit of suspense for our vibrant Kate and Julius. There is something about the chemistry of this pair that made this reader wish to see their outcome. I thought the setting was sketched in a way to bring the reader into the atmosphere of what was happening to the characters. I felt such a connection to Kate and Julius that at times I wanted to smack them both to bring them to their senses. Danielle Thorne crafts an entertaining read that made me feel like I was part of this adventure.

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