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Wild Mountain Protectors

Book #1: The Guardian
Book #2: The Protector

Wild Mountain Shifters 2
ISBN #: 9781772334357
July 2015
Evernight Publishing
182 Pages
Paranormal, BDSM, erotic, Shifters/Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

Blair is a fox shifter who moved away from her home town when she was rejected by the man, and fellow shifter she planned to mate, Cole. After five years in France, she has returned to take over her beloved grandmother’s bakery.

Cole is now Kelach and sheriff of the town he and Blair grew up in. He has always loved Blair but he let an incident in the past scare him and push Blair away. He still wants her for his mate, but she does not trust him anymore.

When Blair breaks shifter law by nearly getting Michael, the town’s Guardian’s mate captured by her fanatical family, Michael forces Blair to submit to Cole. But as much as Blair still loves Cole, and enjoys submitting to him, she is scared to give him her heart again. The night after Blair submits to Cole, she runs, not willing to trust Cole or her heart again. But…she wants to trust both again. While she runs and goes essentially invisible with the help of one of her friends, Cole gets a report of a missing human child. Frustrated, and worried about Blair and where she is, he must put all his energy into finding the lost child. But it is not long before Cole realizes that there is far more going on in his town than he or anyone else realized. Will he be able to stop a man who has Blair in his sights? Or will he lose Blair forever?

What a rush! The Protector is a great story that has everything you could want in a fantastic paranormal erotic romance. The characters are realistic and jump from the pages as you read. I was clearly able to picture every single scene in this book, the author did such a good job of describing them. The world building is well written and imaginative. The love scenes are scorchingly hot and full of emotion, both of which are requirements for me when I read any book if it’s going to keep my attention. Now I just need to go out and get the first book in this series. I highly recommend The Protector by Sara Anderson.

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