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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-79549-9
June 2010
Harlequin Blaze
217 Pages
Blaze Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Walking away from the only career he ever wanted was the hardest thing Will Forrester ever did, but that last mission made staying an Army Ranger impossible. It is a huge relief to feel that he made the right decision to come on board with Ranger Security.

Emotional intelligence is something that Rhiannon Palmer has dealt with her entire life, and it has not been easy. Even her parents look at her as an oddity, and the only person she has ever felt completely comfortable with is her elderly friend, Theo Watson.

Theo never made Rhiannon feel like a freak, and his own experience as an empath has helped her tremendously over the years, which is why it is so imperative that she find him now. Will is ready to take on his first case to find Theo Watson, but meeting Rhiannon shatters all sense of control. The woman does not take no for an answer, and has “crazy beautiful” written all over her, but a sexual entanglement is the last thing Will needs on his first case. Rhiannon can feel the waves of grief that pour from Will, but she also can feel his desire, or is that hers? Too bad they are both completely committed to the status quo.

I made a complete 180 during the reading of this book, and ended up adoring Rhiannon and her quirky personality. In the beginning she is almost abrasive with trying to get her way, but as with Will, she completely wears you down, and you love her for her tenacity. Will is so bruised and battered emotionally that his pain is nearly debilitating for him and Rhiannon, but you can just feel how much she wants to sooth that ache. I love the connection they share, and would like to see him open up even more for a really intense emotional catharsis.

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