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ISBN#: 9780553384659
March 2011
Spectra/Bantam Books/Random House Publishing Group
Trade Paperback
544 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Maeve has been a bit of everything during her life; a maiden, a seducer, a strong warrior, a mother and even a Queen. She is tired of being used by men and others, and wants her own free will. She wants to keep her free spirit and thrive. She begins her journey of rebellion and freedom by running away from her marriage to the powerful King Connor.

Maeve takes on the supernatural side in order to claim power that is up for grabs from her father’s death. She soon finds herself batting her own brother and the greed of many men. She is trying to rally power to her side from neighboring lands as well. In the midst of being a strong warrior she stumbles upon Ruan, a man who seems to have a connection to the side that confuses as well as intrigues’ her.

The feelings of the past try to overwhelm Maeve as she fights for a future for her and her people. She wants to believe that she can have a chance to love and be free but so much is at stake she can only wonder at her choices. She must dig deep to find the true power she has within herself and the people she needs in her life that surround her at different times, in different ways, all striving for a peaceful future that can please the Gods.

Make sure you take plenty of “me time” to read this book. Because once you start you will not want to pull yourself out of this land rich in history and danger. I thoroughly appreciated Ms. Watson’s additional information included with this read, everything from pronunciation of names to the myths and legends behind Maeve The Raven Queen’s story. The vivid detail that is used to describe scenery transports you; the description of characters help you understand each one for who they are and what they bring to the story. All these great qualities make for a great read for fans of history, romance, and fantasy.

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