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ISBN: 978-1-605420-71-4
September 2009
Medallion Press, Inc.
112 Pages
Illustrated Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The legacy of her parents is something only Marina d’Or can aspire to achieve, and so she will stay in Lendo and marry her intended no matter what her personal feelings may be.

The people of Baristo are great neighbors to those of Lendo, and it is only fitting the heir marry the heiress of Lendo to cement their ties. However, Michelo would prefer to marry someone of his own choosing.

It really does not hurt Marina’s feelings that her stepsister has usurped her place as heiress to Lendo, but it does pain her to be married off to the arrogant and smarmy Count Carlo Baristo. His mother has forced this union since Marina was but a baby, but everyone knows she is severely lacking in good faith. Marina is granted three wishes, and knowing only that her people must come first, she is very careful with her wishes. Michelo abides his father’s wishes, and comes home from the border wars, only to find his heart in the greatest battle he will ever face.

This is a most beautifully written and illustrated fairy tale. It encompasses elements of many famous tales of innocence and romance, holding true to their story lines from start to finish. The value of this book may fall short with the adult audience, but can easily be enjoyed by many young girls. If you are a fan of all the great stories of princes and princesses, this is one not to miss.

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