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ISBN: 978-0-06-167357-3
June 30, 2009 (HC), 2010 (TP)
Trade Paperback
365 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Meek and docile are words never used to describe Princess Alaïs of France, but for years she has succumbed to her lover’s insistence that she keep her secret. The timing has never seemed right, and with a religious war imminent, she is once again cautioned to silence.

His love and respect for the princess has never been in question, but Lord William of Caen must do whatever it takes to keep her and young Francis safe. Everything he loves about her is also what drives him absolutely crazy, because no matter how risky, he knows she will not stop until Francis is told the truth.

There is a war brewing in the south, and it is being spear-headed by an extremely dangerous religious zealot. Alaïs is confident that she can persuade her brother the King to stay out of these affairs, but as the abbot arrives in France, Alaïs is once again besieged by an extremely troublesome premonition. There is very grave danger ahead for those caught up in the Abbé’s path, and at the heart of it is Francis. Alaïs is determined to save this young man whom she loves as any mother would, even if it may cause an irreparable rift between her and William.

It is said behind every great man there is an even stronger woman, and it appears to be especially true of the women in 13th century Europe. Alaïs is an even greater enigma considering her age and her station in France, and in my opinion it is quite amazing that a middle aged woman of royalty could traipse around the countryside in such a manner. However, her adventures really liven up this storyline, as the political and religious dramas can tend to be somewhat less entertaining. Alaïs’ bold and confident manner, combined with William’s level head and commanding nature, is a combination worthy of any great romance.

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