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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-06705-3
September 2009
Harlequin Medical
185 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Being labelled the “Ice Maiden” by the hospital staff has really never bothered Francesca Scott all that much. In fact she prefers her anonymity, and has no desire to cultivate personal relationships at work.

It may have taken him ten years, but Luke Devlin is ready to reclaim the only woman, besides his mother, who has ever meant anything to him. They grew up in the same small town and under horrendous circumstances, but through it all they had an understanding and trust that could never be matched.

Francesca made a vow to herself years ago that no one would ever control her, or make her feel less about herself, like she felt under her mother’s heavy hand. When she left home it was to make her own way in the world, and to do that she became accustomed to being alone. Luke was the only man to ever stake a claim on her heart, but as teenagers they were in no position to fulfil any dreams. Ten years later, neither has forgotten the other, but as determined as Luke is to have Francesca in his life permanently, she is equally terrified of letting it happen.

The medical aspect of this story is very smartly done, and leaves no question as to the amount of research and study done to execute it. The romance is equally well matched, and the characters hold their appeal throughout the story. Francesca is rightly cautious considering her history, but with Luke, I feel that she seems to second guess every emotion. As for Luke, he is one the most refreshing male characters I have come across; his drive, passion, and overall ability to put his heart on the line without coming across as weak or insecure makes this story a pure pleasure to read.

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