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ISBN# 9780525953869
23 April 2013
Hard Cover
$27.95 US/$29.50 CAN
452 Pages
Historical Romance Adventure Fantasy Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

From one breath to the next, Nicholas Falcott travels from certain death in Ninetheenth Century Spain to a Guild learning facility in Twentieth Century Chile. Unbeknownst to him before this moment, this ability is to become as much a gift as a curse.

Playing with time is a trick Julia Percy thinks is unique only to her grandfather. Now that he is dead, Julia is beginning to realize just how little she knows about herself and him as well.

After a year of intense learning, Nick spends the next ten living the life of a pampered playboy and hobby farmer, until the day he receives a summons from the Guild. Once again, his life is thrown into chaos as he is ordered back to his own time to help the Guild uncover the reason for time folding back on itself. His reemergence allows him time to find the woman who haunts his dreams and fall head over heels in love with her. Julia perfects the art of pretending around Nick and his unnerving companion, but the more she comes to care for Nick the more desperate she is to share her secret with him.

The perception that time is a river flowing to the sea is an analogy brought to amazing clarity throughout this story. Nick’s character is much like the leaf that gets swept along in the current, only to have a gust of wind pluck it up and redeposit it somewhere else along the way. Julia is more of a guided force, even with her ignorance of the facts. You never question her strength and courage to learn the truth. This is a fantastic debut novel that makes you think, dream and hope. I sincerely hope that there is a sequel somewhere in the works!

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