Coffee Time Romance & More




ISB#: 9780986336003
January 6, 2015
Create Space Independent Publishing
E-book / Paperback
$4.99 / $13.49
328 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Starting at the bottom of Alexander Technologies is definitely not a problem for Amelia Kensington. She knows her worth, and has every intention of moving straight up the corporate ladder.

Cade Alexander is a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. At his age, owning a Fortune 500 company is no small fete. So whether it is in the bedroom or boardroom, he rarely takes no for an answer.

The last thing Amelia ever expects is to be on the boss’s radar, especially as a new hire to one of the top companies in Atlanta. Frazzled by his interest, Amelia is at a loss to understand what is going on. She only knows that when Cade gives an order something inside her melts. Committed relationships are not for Cade, yet his feelings for Amelia are most certainly proprietary. He is used to giving orders and having them followed to the letter, not having a girl turn his whole world on its head.

Becca Jameson does a brilliant job of building the tension between Amelia and Cade. Starting with Amelia, who is in a constant battle with the need she feels for Cade. I love how her analytic mind tries so hard to tamp down her submissive side, yet Cade sees straight to her core. He prompts and prods relentlessly, but her pleasure is always at the forefront of every command.

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