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October 15, 2010
Norn Publishing
287 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Maddy has been with the Salbine Sisters three years. She is completely devoted to the goddess Salbine. She loves people and has a very compassionate and empathetic soul. She is also in a relationship with the most powerful mage in her order, Lillian. Maddy loves Lillian to distraction but is afraid that because Lillian is much older than Maddy and is much more accomplished in the art of drawing the elements, that Lillian does not take their relationship as seriously as she does.

Lillian has been with the order for twenty-years and is the most powerful mage in the entire sisterhood. She is also a woman who prefers to spend her time alone as frequently as possible. She always has an impatient look for the sisters, except for Maddy, of course. She is in love with Maddy but afraid that Maddy is just using their relationship to pass the time. She is also sensitive of the age difference as she is several years older than Maddy.

After her leaving her parents and her lover behind, Maddy joins the order of the Salbine Sisters and dedicates her life to serving Salbine. After three years, Maddy begins the training to learn how to draw the elements and forms a romantic relationship with her teacher, Lillian. Maddy’s life starts to unravel one evening when, during training, something goes horribly wrong and almost costs Maddy her life. After the accident, she discovers that she cannot draw the elements and feels as if Salbine has turned her back on her. She decides to go to another monastery and research her affliction. While on the journey, she is asked to put out a fire in the town she is staying in for the night. and when she explains that she cannot do it, the town’s people decide that she is a fraud. Maddy soon finds herself in prison with an eight-year-old pickpocket named Emmye. Maddy becomes fond of the small girl and decides that if the Sisters come to rescue her, Emmye will go with them and they will her help her find her family.

This is a touching story filled with emotion. I found myself trying to help Maddy, Lillian, and Emmye with their struggles. The characters in this book are very easy to love and identify with. The problems that Maddy and Lillian deal with in their relationship are easy to relate to. Watching Maddy work to have her faith restored and Lillian learn to come out of her shell was a complete joy. I hope to read more about the Salbine Sisters soon.

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