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ISBN10: 0786890614 / ASIN: B000JGWE2M
May 1 2014
Maiden Lane Press
$11.32 / $8.02
97 Pages
Raging: 5 Cups

Going to the school formerly known as Alabama College, but now known as University of Montevallo, is like going to New York City for Cassandra King. She was grateful for the change in environment. However, her main agenda was to get out of the Southern Belle persuasion and find her own niche in life without society telling her what she should and should not accept. She is a bit rebellious, to say the least.

Time during the 60s is like being in the 50s in Alabama, Cassandra reminds us. Growing up in a small town in LA (Lower Alabama), it was humorous to see how someone who did not connect with the everyday influences of her time is still able to find kindred spirits in her venture to a new school. The richness she learns is not just from her education, but from her abundant experiences that start with getting in trouble during convocation at her new school.

When first reading the foreword and finding out that the book was entailing a story of southern belles, I was not pleased. Sweet, prim, and proper was not what I had in mind when reading a book. What I got was a surprise and nothing like what I had first assumed. Life through the author's eyes is rich, comical, and wisely told. It was engaging the many loves and passions of life with the sufferings of life. Merging great art, quotes, and real life experiences, Cassandra gives us inspiration and hope during today's times. Being reminded of what is really important in such a fresh way made this book one that stuck out in a way one would never expect! This “same sweet girl” gets 5 cups for her innovative book that touched my heart!

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