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ISBN: 9781926647678
April 2009
Eternal Press
180 Pages
Sci-Fi; Fantasy; Paranormal; Romance; Ménage; Erotica
Rating: 3 Cups

Anya Forrest is an orphan raised by nuns. At the age of twenty-six she is still a virgin, still alone, and dying from some unknown plague that has struck only women on the planet Earth.

Tonas, Prince of LightClan is on his way back from a triumphant battle against the Zyptz when he and his BondMate, Jonal find their home planet women and children have been killed while they were away. Jonal, Prince of FireClan and Tonas travel to Earth in hopes of finding their fem to complete their Triad BondMate.

Once on Earth, Tonas and Jonal feel their fem calling to them from the very depth of her dying soul. Willing to go to any lengths to find her, they set out to bribe their way in no matter what the cost. Finding a beautiful but very sick Anya awaiting them in a hospital bed is only half the battle. While they continue to cure her of the mysterious plague, an unknown traitor within their species is out to kill and conquer Sarran and willing to stop at nothing to destroy Tonas, Jonal, and all those who stand in his way.

The Sarran Plague starts off really well with intense drama and a mysterious green mist covering Earth. However, it was not long before I became confused, lost, and was not able to understand everything that was going on. Ms. Katt takes the reader on a fantastic journey into the future, but sometimes I felt like I needed a translator or a dictionary to understand some of the phrases. Overall, this tale was hot, steamy, spicy, and action-packed with intrigue and conspiracies to keep the reader guessing.

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