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ISBN#: 9781632169914
April 29, 2015
Dreamspinner Press
$ 3.99
70 Pages
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, LGBT
Rating: 5 Cups

Daniel has returned home to the small, seaside fishing village in which he grew up. His return, however, is not under happy circumstances. He has been kicked out of magic college because his talent abandoned him. Now he has nothing to look forward to but a life of helping his father run the village book shop and chasing away Mrs. Jacketsberry, who is eager to snap up Daniel’s father into a marriage of convenience.

That is, until Daniel meets Leaf. The abused nephew of the local fish seller, Leaf seems to embody a number of the unusual attributes which Daniel himself possesses--attributes which made officials of the magic college think Daniel had magic in the first place. Daniel is immediately taken with Leaf. As it turns out, Leaf has been enamored with Daniel too, ever since he saw his photograph in Daniel’s father’s house months before Daniel’s return.

When Daniel rescues Leaf from one of the fish seller’s tirades, his magic inexplicably returns to him. He brings Leaf home to live with him and his father, and it is there that a budding romance turns into intense and deep love. It is love which, according to officials at the magic school, is likely of selkie origin, and it would appear that Leaf has a touch of selkie blood. The permanence of selkie love frightens Daniel, and he pushes Leaf away. Leaf decides to leave on a fishing voyage for months. The separation will give them both the space they need to determine if they can, or cannot, live without each other.

Being a novella, this story was shorter than a fully fleshed novel. Despite this, I found it had the right amount of development and detail to make it a worthwhile read. Daniel’s awkwardness, combined with Leaf’s damaged but sensual soul, makes for a wonderful romance. I was rooting for these two from the start and was pulled into the story with them. Five cups for this poignant, tender romance novella.

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