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The Budapest Moon Series
Book 1: The Hungarian
Book 2: The Count’s Lair
Book 3: Danube in Candlelight
Book 4: The Secret Door

Budapest Moon, Book 4
ISBN# (10)1612520284X/(13)9781612522845
February 2013
Desert Breeze Publishing Inc.
125 Pages
Paranormal Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lord Zoltan Kristos has struggled for years to control his wolf’s nature. With the help of Inna, his witch, he has learned to be the man he has always wanted to be. After becoming reacquainted with Sophia, his wants have changed to include her, but after the mistakes he has made, he is afraid to let himself love her.

Sophia Varga is not a wolf, but has many of the attributes thanks to her father. Being raised among werewolves, she understands their ways and how to care for their special needs. When Zoltan needs her help, she is more than willing to aid him. From the night they have danced together years before, she has been unable to forget him. And after finding out the type of man he is, she does not want to be apart from him again.

Zoltan must protect his witch from Marcus, the abusive and powerful werewolf from another clan. After Marcus endangers his friends and his people, Zoltan decides he must put an end to Marcus’s reign. While planning the last confrontation and securing Inna’s safety, Sophia is with Zoltan every step of the way. Now she is in his thoughts, so he must protect her as well. Drawn to Sophia, over time he has come to believe she may be his soul-mate. Thus he has even more to lose, even if he is determined to defeat Marcus.

I like reading stories that take place in other countries and other times, which feels as though I am vacationing to these exotic locales. There is plenty of action and strife in this story as well as softer and tenderer emotions between the couples. It is not simply a love story between the main characters, but it also shows the deeper abiding love between others who have been through their own struggles and came out stronger. The ending is satisfactory and ties all pieces together. Though a bit fast in places, overall I find the story entertaining.

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