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ISBN# 9781615084210
May 2011
Renaissance e-books
188 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Sherlock Holmes has kept his love for John a secret for the duration of their friendship. Erotic fantasies of the two of them have been haunting Sherlock every night. He has always thought that his love would stay unrequited and he would have to settle for friendship. One day he gathers his courage and professes his feelings for his longtime friend and object of his desire.

John Watson has loved and respected Sherlock since he met the man. His esteem is evident in his biographies that feature the eccentric bachelor. He feels that he has given much of himself to Sherlock already and is not certain he can give his love as well. However, when Sherlock opens his heart to Watson, how can he refuse to bring his fantasies to light?

While days are filled with mysterious and dangerous cases, the nights on Baker Street are filled with desire and love. These two men who have been the closest of friends and companions now take their relationship to the next sensual chapter. While it will change the course of their lives, will it also affect their professional relationship? And will it affect their cases?

I am very impressed with this story. It follows the flow and writing style of the original Sherlock stories, as well as pleasantly highlighting the characteristics of the famous duo. There is a wonderful tension and interaction between the men both in and out of the bedchamber. The sensuality and eroticism in the story is addictive. Ms. Lear also did a fantastic job showing the mood and time period of London and filled the story with snippets of the politics that hampered their relationship. The intimacy between the characters seems like a natural step in their complimentary partnership.

HC Harju
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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