Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-06-149347-8
January 26, 2010
276 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Coming home to the mountains of North Carolina is a mixed bag of emotions for Ophelia Jensen. Her family’s heritage is not something she has always embraced, and this is the one place where it all stems from.

Running into Ophelia in this tiny little backwater is a complete surprise for DEA agent Ethan Clement, but he cannot allow anything to blow his cover. The people he is investigating are dangerous and very likely deadly.

Although Ophelia loves coming home to visit her relatives, she cannot help but feel uneasy around great-aunt Mary. The woman’s reputation as a very powerful witch is well known, and well deserved, and she makes no bones about impressing her will upon everyone. The one thing Ophelia did not anticipate, however, was the blatant hatred and evil from a neighboring family. Sharon Doran is the root of that evil, and it is going to take everyone in Ophelia’s circle to fight a curse 50 years in the running.

The generations of women in this family are extraordinary, and their connections even more so. Finding it in yourself to believe in their gift is much harder. I would love to see more detail of the rituals, potions, and incantations and how they are implemented, as well as a deeper connection with Ophelia and her gift. There is so much amazing potential here, I am eager to read what will come next.

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