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A Shifting Circle Series

Book 1: The Shape of Desire
Book 2: Still life with Shape-Shifter

A Shifting Circle Novel, Book 1
ISBN# 9781937007171
April 2012
ACE Books
Hard Cover
324 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Secrets have shaped Maria Devane’s life, since she was a teenager. Her coworkers, friends or even her family, have any clue she has loved the same man for fifteen years.

Having the ability to shift from human to animal is not something Dante Romano shares with just anyone. The night he lets the secret slip could have been disastrous. Instead, it brings him the greatest love of his life.

The hours Maria gets to spend with Dante are precious and few. The time apart is excruciating. Dante has little control over his shifting, staying in animal form longer and longer as time goes on, but she will take whatever time she can get. Their short spans of happiness, however, are rocked by a rash of unexplained killings that send chills up Maria’s spine. Dante is her life. For however long she can have him, she will do anything to keep him safe.

The most fantastic part of this story is that it feels so ordinarily real. Maria could easily be the woman next door, with lunch dates and deadlines, until she closes that door. As much time as readers spend with Maria, though, they get virtually none with Dante. He is so intriguing that I want to know everything about him, as well as his relationship with Maria.

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