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ISBN#: 1-60601-619-9
January 2010
Ravenous Romance
98 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Owen Rhys is the sin eater for his Welsh village. He is used to being shunned by all, because when someone dies, he takes on their sins so they can enter heaven as pure souls. He has been attracted to Andras Maddock, the village doctor, for a long time.

Andras Maddock is the village doctor and has raised a foster daughter Carys, whom he loves very much. He also loves Owen, but he has not declared himself because he holds a dreaded secret.

When Carys comes to Owen’s home to ask him to bring goat’s milk for a motherless babe, he is willing to do so without question. Of course, the fact that someone in the village is close to death, is the other reason he has to go, since he needs to be there to take on the person’s sins. When he delivers the bottle of goat’s milk, Andras cuts himself but does not bleed and Owen begins to suspect there is something otherworldly about his friend. Later that night, Owen is unable to sleep in Andras’ stable and takes to looking around. He finds an ancient sword while snooping, and he knows what its history is. He is nearly caught with it when Andras comes back and says that someone is near death. After Owen has taken on the dead man’s sins both men leave. However, on the way back, Owen loses his footing and falls, injuring himself. Andras brings him home and installs him in a bedchamber even knowing Owen, who is used to the villagers shunning him, would not like it. Later someone else dies, and Owen goes to take on that person’s sins. Afterward, he decides he is going to walk home even though it is night because he does not want the villagers to look badly on Andras for harboring him. It is then that Owen is attacked by a vampire, and it is only through Andras’ interference that he survives. It is not long after that the two come together, but the son of the vampire Andras killed to save Owen is not far behind with his minions. Will Andras be able to keep Owen and the villagers safe, or will he lose those he loves?

I loved all the Welsh history that the author wove throughout this story -- that alone makes it worth reading. Owen and his gifts make for interesting reading, and the author does a good job of using those gifts to move the story along. I also liked the idea of a man turned into something against his will still being honorable despite it. The relationship between Andras and Owen is tender despite the roughness of their sexual encounters, but I think in this case that was an important part of the story and how things fit together. If you enjoy the paranormal mixed with history, then this is definitely the story for you.

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