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A John Singer Sargent/Violet Paget Mystery, Book 1
ISBN: 9781937818289
Sand Hill Review Press
July 31, 2014
300 Pages
Historical Fiction / Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Violet Paget is a writer who enjoys seeing the world. After hearing about the death of clergyman Crickley, she believes foul play pays a part and she seeks answers. Violet enlists the help of her longtime friend, John.

John Singer Sargent is a painter who has been idle of late, but longs to begin painting again. After Violet asks his help for answers behind the murder of a clergyman, he begins the journey with her.

Violet finds it hard to believe clergyman Crickley's death. There is something not right with the situation, and she suspects murder. John has been a good friend, and when he aids her in the investigation, he shows much interest in their escapade. Violet and John join forces as sleuths to uncover the truth. When they have the pleasure of meeting a monk, Arthur, the trip turns into an even greater experience neither expected.

The Spoils of Avalon is a truly enjoyable read. Traveling through two different periods of time, as the story is told, takes the reader on a stunning trip. Violet is witty and warm, and the pairing with John is truly magical. The way Ms. Burns tells the story, through the eyes of Violet Paget, allows the reader to relish each moment of the adventure. She fills the story with intrigue and suspense, captivating the reader. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery, accompanied with a journey, will enjoy and wish for more. The secondary characters were penned well, like Arthur. He definitely had a way of showing emotion in his encounters. This satisfying read allows the reader to visualize the castles, cemeteries, and all the events of the storms, and many other things crafted so very well.

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