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ISBN# 978-1-61650-076-4
September 2009
Lyrical Press
177 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Alexandra is living her busy life but her childhood dreams of someone calling to her are now coming every night. Exasperated, she summons a heavenly sexy demon, Kasdeya. Alex now sees him in every mirror and dreams of him at night. When she tells her best friend, she sends her to a witch who is thrilled to meet a summoner and shows Alex how to “banish” the demon.

Kasdeya, a high ranking demon and ally of the devil, was sent to purgatory for 1,000 years by the devil. He hopes to escape this dull gray life by being summoned by Alex. When a mad man tries to kill Alex, Kasdeya escapes to the human realm. Enjoying his time with “his” Alex, his demonic life comes to haunt him.

Can a God fearing human and a chief demon find any hope of happiness or will angels and Satan end their time together? Just how far would someone go to save the one they love?

The sex in The Summoner is fantastic! Some of the hottest scenes I have read in a while. For that alone I love this book. Yet, there are many more reasons. Alexandra is a heroine who doesn’t need the hero, but isn’t too stupid to turn him away either. Kasdeya is unbelievably hot and following his conflicted decisions is a pleasure. The devil is a good side character, and with the others supports well. While the book does deal with religious concepts like angels versus demons, and heaven and hell, it does so in a non-offensive manner-and that is another reason I enjoyed this book. I look forward to reading more from Ms Steele.

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