Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781909181106
November 2012
Sweetmeats Press
50 Pages
Lesbian Erotica
Rating: 3 Cups

The fantasizing and erotic dreams are driving Abigail nuts. It is time to end her torment, one way or another.

Mackenzie’s pride and joy is her green Ducati, and anyone with half a brain would never mess with it.

Every day that Abigail hears the roar of that Ducati reinforces her desires for its driver. The nights, however, are exponentially worse as she dreams non-stop of Mackenzie. Knowing this cannot go on she hatches a plan to talk with Mackenzie one on one, which does not go exactly how she wishes. Her only thought is to get back at the snarky little courier, but this too turns in a completely different direction.

Abigail finally takes the reins of her burning desire and makes a move on the woman who stars in all of her fantasies. Her approach is pretty ordinary, but her revenge gets a definite reaction. Building someone up in your head rarely matches up to reality. Sometimes it is even better.

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