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ISBN: 978-0-352-34542-4
December 8, 2009
Black Lace, an Imprint of Virgin Books Ltd.
£7.99 / $12.95
235 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Because I Made You So

It is such an odd thing to have a man teaching romantic literature, but it feeds Clara Shore’s imagination while daydreaming in class.

By outward appearances, Professor Clenham is every bit the stodgy intellectual, but as they say, looks can be very deceiving.

The things that race through Clara’s mind while sitting in Professor Clenham’s class would surely make her the laughing stock of her peers. So she pens all of her erotic thoughts instead of taking notes. The only problem comes when those musings end up in the hands of the man playing hero to her heroine.

Who of us cannot remember the time a little daydreaming got us into trouble, but for Clara the daydreams are just the beginning.


She catches a glimpse of him one day through her window. Not knowing if he sees her or not, she watches.

He comes back to the window time and again, knowing that she is watching, growing more daring each time.

He is so beautiful; her man in the window, and watching him is becoming a near obsession. She is shocked, but yet not, when he posts a message. And then the fun really begins.

The anticipation, the draw, and the detached intimacy will have you craving just a little more with every word.


It is not always easy to impart one’s knowledge to intellectually deficient jocks, but Lacey is very good at what she does.

They may be muscle bound lunk heads, but when the desire is there, Steve and Brett have no trouble following direction.

The boys have come a long way from the fumbling bumbling fools they started out as. Lacey is patient and stern, and has no trouble directing their attentions to all the right places. They have so much potential, and she is thrilled to be able to teach them.

I am certain if there were more tutors like Lacey, those poor dumb jocks would become a thing of the past.


Lois has this fantasy in mind, but whether she can get him to play along is the question. So far he has refused.

He can give her what she wants, but the delivery may be more than she bargained for.

A thief in the night, or a stranger on the street, is a game Lois wants to play, but she has never been able to get him to agree. This night, however, there is a change about him. He is taking her by surprise, and the anticipation is killing her.

It is always nice to get what you want, but when someone can give you what you need it is so much better.

Dirty Disgusting You

She has the man every girl dreams of, but Cleo could not want him less.

There is one in every crowd, the side-kick, the comedian, the goof, and Colin is that man.

What Cleo wants more than anything is to feel again, desire, attraction, need, anything really. But finding that in her husband’s best friend is not what she ever envisioned. He is nerdy and obnoxious and hotter than she could ever have imagined.

The most amazing things can come in the plainest of packages, and it is fun to watch Cleo unwrap hers.

Her Father Disapproves

Taking a family vacation with your folks is not so much fun when you are well out of your teens, but Lita is secretly thrilled when her father’s partner comes along.

Norman likes his job as an accountant, and very much wants to keep it, so staying away from Lita is now more crucial than ever.

Just a little teasing and flirting can be so much fun, when the object of your attentions shies away at every touch, but Lita is quickly desiring more. Norm may be the quintessential number cruncher on the outside, but inside she can feel the animal stirring. Getting caught by Lita’s father is not what Norm needs or wants, but Lita is making it virtually impossible to stay away.

Why is there such a thrill when there is a possibility of getting caught? It is so much fun to watch Lita stir the pot, but when she lights the fire, things really heat up.

For You

The stories he tells keeps Nurse Edie Thompson spellbound, but it breaks her heart to know that his is failing.

His life is quickly passing him by, and Joe makes it a point to expend as much of his energy as he can with Edie.

Being a nurse does not mean Edie can just shut off all emotion and feeling, especially with someone as wonderful as Joe. His body may be betraying him, but his mind is as amazing as ever. He weaves a tale of love and passion for Edie that can only make her long for him to be well again.

Love, caring, and sadness are all found in the heart of these two characters, and they just make your soul sing.

Just Be Good

He is the new sheriff in town, and Sheriff Brook is serious about cleaning up the streets.

Oh, Starla absolutely loves getting into trouble when she knows that there is a very sexy sheriff ready and willing to set her straight.

Pushing Sheriff Brook to the breaking point is the best kind of fun for Starla. Handcuffs and a ride in the cruiser are very much akin to foreplay for the baddest of bad girls. But when the gloves come off, and Sheriff Brook takes command, she is in heaven.

All that hardware and starched uniform is enough to make any girl want to be very, very bad indeed.

Phoned In

It has become a routine, or maybe more like a fear of reality, but Olive’s only relationship with a man is over the phone.

They have known each other for years, but Roy fears that he may have completely forgotten what she looks like, feels like, tastes like.

She guesses it just got easier to talk over the phone, rather than drive the 30 miles to see Roy, but there are days she wishes for more. He is becoming an aberration in her mind, the images fuzzy and soft. But they talk, and now those talks are opening up feelings she thought may have died for good.

The feeling of being adrift envelops the characters in this story, and with such sadness it weighs heavy in your heart.


Playing games with her man is always so much fun, but when the tables are turned, Lo is not sure he is up to the task.

There are some things Todd is not exactly comfortable with, and one of those is issuing orders, even though that is exactly what she wants.

Lo can get him to do just about anything she asks, orders, or demands, but when she wants the same from him, she is afraid he will balk. They begin the game, but as time goes on the plot changes into something she never expected.

Men may not always do what we ask, but sometimes it is much more fun when they change up the rules, and do what they want.

Sometime Soon

She sits there fantasizing while he works on her car. Watching him work is a pleasure she cannot deny herself.

He knows why she is here, and what she wants, and BJ is more than ready to give it to her.

Making up things in her head is no longer enough, and when BJ makes his move, she is more than ready. The rougher and ruder he is, the hotter she gets. He commands her, and she loves every minute of it, maybe too much.

Who wants a guy more primped and pampered than we are, when we can have someone who is not afraid of getting down and dirty?

Different on the Inside

This party was supposed to be fun, a little bash to let loose and get wild, but Una is feeling decidedly bored.

He stands apart from everyone else, but Gabe is comfortable with his differences. He thinks someone else may be a little different, too.

Traipsing off to the barn is probably not the best way to get into the swing of the party, but Una is not feeling a need to cozy up in the sauna with everyone else. In fact, she has Gabe on her mind, which is disturbing considering she is not really sure if she even likes him. Gabe finds Una, and takes the opportunity to unveil the woman beneath the wool.

Here is a party that you can really get into, because honestly who needs more than two to have a good time?

All Ways

After all of these years, Kesley can still feel the pull of desire for this man.

Back from war, and much more damaged on the inside than the out, Jamie Packer tries to hide himself away.

She finds the remote cabin, and Kes knows instinctively who inhabits it. He may not want her here, but she is willing to take the chance to rekindle the fire that has never really gone out. Packs is very surprised when he finds his uninvited guest, but he is even more amazed when she accepts him, flaws and all.

If there is one couple in this whole anthology that you can really sink your teeth into, it is Kes and Packs. This is my favorite by far, and I would love to see their story completely fleshed out.

Toby Hood Tastes Candy

Walking down a dark country lane in the middle of the evening is not Tobias’s idea of fun, and meeting up with a stranger is more than a little unsettling.

He is so easy to tease and fluster that Wendy is having a very good time with her new toy.

Having his car break down and walking in the dark while carrying a very heavy cooler does not fit it with Tobe’s neat and orderly life, but he has little choice. However, having a girl step out of the shadows is even more disconcerting. When she disappears and then shows up in his grandmother’s home, he is completely stunned. She rocks his world, but who and what is she? And where the heck is his grandmother?

Combine a little quirky and strange with some hot and steamy and you get a story that feels uncannily familiar yet completely different.

The Things that Make Me Cave In

Of all the men she has known, each one holds a special place in her heart.

They are completely unique and yet in many ways so alike.

The attraction she has for dominant men started very early, and each one has fulfilled that role in the most extraordinary manner. She can remember fondly their mannerisms, their strengths, and weaknesses, and how they could make her melt every time. But what she knows for certain is that they all reminded her of him.

The most striking aspect of this story is the confidence and feeling this woman puts into each of her relationships. She truly revels in the uniqueness of each man, and the ability they have to make her happy in their own way.

This anthology brings to light what most can only dream or fantasize. The stranger on the street, the neighbor in the window, or co-worker in the next cubicle are many times unattainable delights, but here you can have it all. And while some of these stories are not much more than gratuitous sex, there are many more that really tantalize the senses. You can always count on Charlotte Stein to put you in the mood, for just about anything.

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