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ISBN: 9781926996158
May 2011
Champagne Books
148 Pages
YA; Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Stella Bishop feels numb. She grew up without a mother and now, at the tender age of seventeen, she has lost her father as well. Living with her grandmother is not easy, and she is trying to cope with a new town, new climate, and a woman she has only known through the birthday cards she received.

Charlie works hard, studies hard, and takes care of his sick mother. When he meets Stella, there is an instant connection that has him hoping for more.

Damian is known as the bad boy of the school with his edgy look and seductive stare. Meeting Stella is the best thing that has happened to him, and he knows she is the missing link he has been waiting for.

Moving to Witchhaven, Rhode Island, from sunny California was hard enough, but now Stella has to contend with the rumors of witchcraft and a bully named Melissa. To top it off, she is being pursued by two very different teenage boys. Where Charlie is the light of her life, Damian is the dark night. Just as she begins to feel as if she may have her life in control, a secret comes out that will have Stella making a choice between good or evil. It may seem any easy choice…until she realizes it will affect the one person she cares about most.

The Thirteenth Daughter is a good book. The way Stella is portrayed as this teenage girl thrown into a world of witchcraft, kidnapping, and the timeless good versus evil fight gives this novel the power to keep me reading. Throughout this novel you really have no idea whether it will be Damian or Charlie who will end up with Stella, nor will you know who Stella’s friend is and who her foe is. There were times the story dragged a bit for me, but I muddled through. I knew with this talented author, more interesting pieces of the tale could not be far off. Ms. Wright uses the element of magic and mystery to keep the characters intertwined in your thoughts and has you questioning what will happen next.

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