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Veiled Isles Trilogy, Book 1
ISBN# 9780553583809
October 2011
Trade Paperback
432 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jianna Belandor is the beloved daughter of a powerful man. She is beautiful and sheltered and adores her father. She is about to be married to a man of his choosing.

Falaste Rione is an idealistic doctor who firmly believes in his cause and his leaders. He is very intelligent and loyal, but will learn that all is not black and white.

Jianna is on her way to marry an ally of her father’s when she is kidnapped by her aunt’s men. Her entourage is slaughtered before her eyes, and she will be forced to marry her brutish cousin unless she can escape, or is rescued. Falaste could be either her downfall or her savior.

This story can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at times, but is well worth reading, especially if you plan on reading the entire series. The characters are vividly drawn and multifaceted; none are all good or all evil. There are subplots and back stories galore. This novel provides the necessary set up and world building for the series and the author is very thorough in her descriptions. Readers of this story will have no problem understanding the customs or politics in the next two books, and this is a complex world with magical properties. Every character has a fascinating story and background. With this set up the rest of the trilogy will be gripping. `

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