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ISBN#: 9781603944694
November 2010
New Concepts Publishing
157 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Natalie Martin is a psychic and an artifact hunter. She hops dimensions with her comrades, stealing artifacts that have incredible power. She has lost everything and everyone she has ever loved.

Tristan is the man that Natalie loved and was killed in her dimension.

Warren is the man Natalie is currently involved with, and while she cares for him, it is not the all encompassing love she had for Tristan.

When a dimension hop goes terribly wrong while trying to retrieve a relic called The Trinity Box, Natalie loses another person she loves when Warren dies from poisoned bullets. She awakens to find herself in a hospital and suffering from the same poison that killed Warren. To top it off, her doctors are the very aliens that nearly destroyed Earth in her dimension. She knows she must get away, but doing so will be more difficult than she could ever imagine when she runs into the Tristan of this dimension. Fortunately for her, Tristan helps her, but he is not exactly forthcoming with information. The longer she remains, the more confusing some things become while others become clearer. One of those things being that the Warren of this dimension is a very bad man who has dreams of world and dimension domination. Natalie realizes very quickly that before she can return to her home dimension, she must help the people in this dimension. Along the way she acquires a husband that she loves very much, a guide, a family, and friends. The question is will she stay or return to her home dimension when all is said and done?

The Trinity Key has absolutely everything that I love about reading romances; adventure, action, a strong-willed heroine, a loving hero, and a horrible villain that you love to hate. You will find all of this and more in The Trinity Key. Futuristic Romance has always been one of my all time favorite genres, and Ms. Mathews has outdone herself with this book. The world building is beyond extraordinary; I really loved the fantasy, and magical feel to the dimension that Natalie finds herself in. The idea of losing all you hold dear only to have each and every thing you lost returned to you through a strange quirk of fate I just found fascinating. The emotions behind Natalie and Tristan’s love is what drives this story and makes it one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m hoping that Ms. Mathews will be writing more stories in this universe because I loved it! If you enjoy sweet romance with lots of action, adventure and true love then you do not want to miss The Trinity Key!

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