Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-60435-797-4
Oct 2010
Red Rose Publishing
279 Pages
Romantic Comedy, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Krista returns to a favorite resort from her childhood summers. By immersing herself in the relaxing, quiet hide-a-way, and spending some time with her adopted aunt, she hopes to set her disarrayed thoughts in order and make some serious decisions about the direction she wants for her future.

Shortly after her arrival, Krista encounters the Crystal Lake Resort Manager, Luke, when he challenges her presence on the private beach. Luke is Aunt Martha’s nephew; he and Krista were childhood friends.

Krista is a nurse. She enjoys her job, but Brent, her boyfriend, has aspirations of a political career. He may soon ask Krista to marry him but expects her to campaign with him and dedicate all her time to his goals. Brent is charming, wealthy, handsome – ideal husband material according to Krista’s mother. Unfortunately, Krista’s vacation turns out to be much less relaxing than she ever expected. Sparks fly between her and Luke causing her to alternately want to drown in his kisses or knock him over the head for being such an insincere tease. It doesn’t help that Luke’s assistant feels threatened by Krista and will do or say most anything to speed up Krista’s departure.

This was a charming contemporary romance that, at times, was cute and comedic, while at other times made me feel frustrated with the emotional turmoil and head games. The story flowed smoothly and took a few unexpected detours that added depth and interest. I particularly enjoyed the description of the island where Luke and Krista took refuge during the storm and would have liked to been given more detail of their sojourn in the dilapidated house. I enjoyed reading this story, finding it both humorous and poignant.

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