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ISBN: 9781623009663
18 August 2015
Loose Id, LLC
155 Pages
BDSM, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

As the newbie with Channel 5 News, Jenna Colsen is fighting to get herself known as a serious reporter. The fluff pieces that come her way are not going to get her noticed. What she needs is something deeper, dirtier, and scandalous.

After learning a painful lesson with a woman he cared for, Turner Valera is now very careful to keep his relations casual and fun.

A sex club brings back memories Jenna would rather forget, but if it gets her the story she is looking for she will just have to reign in her darker desires. Looking for drugs or prostitution, Jenna is completely unprepared for Turner. He reignites her need for pain and pleasure, which sends her running in panic. Her focus needs to be on her job, not a burning passion that is sure to send her career up in flames.

Jenna had a very bad experience as a vulnerable young woman, which now shames her into believing the worst about herself. Understandably, her insecurities color her perceptions of what Turner is about. What it is surprising, is that she is willing to trust him without really knowing him. Playing without full disclosure puts Turner and Jenna in a precarious position, although it does add a neat little twist to their story.

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