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ISBN#: 9781906931681
April 2011
Choc Lit Limited
E Book
412 pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Former pop music star, current has-been, Eve has nothing to lose when she is asked to take part in a humiliating TV show. Her life has been terrible for so long, it is really just par for the course. For the show, she finds herself paragliding over the Tower Bridge… and then crashing into an alternate reality.

Major Harker isn’t having the greatest day. Having been assigned to guard his ex-wife’s little sister as a new foot soldier, he figures things are pretty much going to go downhill from there. What he doesn’t expect to do is rescue an alien falling from the sky. When said alien turns out to be a possibly mad but devastatingly attractive woman hell bent on challenging his every command, Harker realizes life as he knew it has taken a dramatic turn for the worst.

Sent on a mission to collect some strange weapon called a computer, Harker enlists the help of the alien woman who claims knowledge of this strange object. As he gets to know Eve, he finds that the dulcet tones of her singing are contrary to the sour tongue she uses to lash him at every turn. But will they get past their differences and find a way to make sweet music together?

Set in a world like our own in some ways and dramatically torn by war and devastation, it took this reader a moment to really understand the full depth of the challenges facing the heroine. She manages, despite all this, to acclimate and become a useful and demanding force in this new world. Likeable characters and lyrical writing round off this journey and make this a love story that left this reader pleased to have made the trip.

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