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ISBN #: 9780812993448
May 2014
Spiegel and Grau
$ 26.00
283 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Nell is not a typical woman of her time. While she is a wife and mother, she is also a talented writer. She focuses on the politics of her time and her stories have mostly been published in a magazine her husband runs.

Charlie is a good husband and father and is politically astute and connected. He is keeping some secrets from his wife that will make her question everything about their relationship.

America in the early 1960’s was a country in turmoil. The president is assassinated, the Cold War is at its peak, and the world is not the safe place people imagined it was in the decade before. After her husband’s death, Nell finds a journal that upturns her world.

It is hard to review this book without giving away too much. It is set in the not so distant past in a time of great changes and uncertainty. The author does a beautiful job of capturing the essence of that era, when the Communists were the enemy and their sympathizers and those viewed as sympathizers lived in fear. Nell and Charlie appear to be very close on the surface, but Charlie’s devastating secrets reveal a different person. This is a well-written novel with a riveting plot and well-developed characters, set in a pivotal moment in our history.

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