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The Melrose Coven, Book 1
ISBN #: 9781682950562
February 2016
Siren Publishing
145 Pages
Alternative (M/M, Gay), Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Kevyan Melrose is the king of his coven and a vampire. His people have been at war with the werewolves for centuries. He wants to end the war very much so both species do not end up wiping each other out. Plus he is just tired of the war. When a few of his coven bring him a nearly dead werewolf, he decides to try and save him. But he has no idea what that decision will bring him.

Dorian Keller is rich, openly gay and as far as he knows, human. He also knows he was kidnapped and tortured for information he does not have, and even the money he offered that he knew his parents would pay, is not enough to save him. Waking up in a strange bed naked takes him completely by surprise, though he is happy to be alive.

When Kevyan's doctor tells him the only way to save Dorian is to bond with him, Kevyan who already feels drawn to Dorian has no problem doing so. While he does save Dorian's life, when Dorian wakes up, he thinks Kevyan is insane, since after all werewolves and vampires do not exist, or do they? It takes Dorian a little bit of time to come around, but it is all a little hard to ignore when you yourself shift into a wolf for the first time. That coupled with other things convince Dorian he is not going crazy, however, unfortunately, the hatred between werewolves and vampires is strong, and not all of Kevyan's people are happy he mated a werewolf. Plus Dorian is not just any werewolf, he is a special type of werewolf and it is not long before the local wolves discover he is there, and they are not at all happy about his being with a coven of vampires. Will Dorian and his love for Kevyan be the catalyst they all need to stop the war between werewolves and vampires, or will his presence merely exacerbate everything?

What absolutely wonderful world building this book has! I really really loved this story and plan on reading it again and again. It is unique, and fun, and I got a charge out of Dorian and how spunky he is. It might have taken him a minute or two to catch up, but once he does, everybody better look out! The love scenes are erotic and emotional and really make this story a keeper. If you love m/m, and paranormal romance you will not want to miss The Vampire King's Mate by Toby Aiden!

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