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ISBN #: 1-60601-907-4
July 2010
Siren Publishing
62 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Josephine finds someone who will remain faithful to her and plans to marry this new man. But her vampire ex shows up just before the ceremony and weaves a sensual spell that she cannot resist.

Alaric is a man on a mission -- he wants his birthright, Maverick House, and he wants Josephine McDonough, not necessarily in that order.

Vampire cousins Alaric and Richard both want control over their ancestral home, Maverick House, and will stop at almost nothing to get it. Alaric needs Josephine in order to obtain the house and when he takes her back there, she is furious. While she loves Alaric, she does not believe he will remain with her and stay faithful. She also finds herself drawn to his cousin who brings out her darkest desires. With Maverick House control the destiny of all three, what will happen?

Amarinda Jones provides readers with a dark sexy short story. I am a fan of curvy heroines and I am happy to see that Josephine is one. If you are looking for a quick, erotic paranormal read, you will definitely like this one. The pace is fast the description fantastic and overall very well written. I'm not a fan of anal activity but seeing as this was given a high sexuality rating it isn't unexpected. Richard plays a big part in this story but I feel that I never got to know him and thus I found myself almost cringing when he and Josephine interacted. Alaric was a charming hero but I felt as if we never really found out why he left Josephine and I felt cheated of the answer.

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