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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-61808-8, 10: 0-373-61808-5
April 2009
Silhouette Books
279 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

The incessant countdown of Kellen Falcon’s tenuous hold on sanity is becoming increasingly harder to ignore. Every day his blood disorder makes itself known with greater frequency, and his only hope may lay in a doctor half a world away.

Being the daughter of a pack leader is no picnic for Sophie St.Clair. Expectations to mate and propagate according to the pack’s recommendations are extremely high, and Sophie is seriously feeling the pressure.

Kellen comes to Nouveau Monde in hopes of finding a cure for his blood disease, sangcerritus, but having the doctor’s office bombed within minutes of his arrival puts a major crimp in his plans. As the crime scene investigators delve into the case, Kellen puts his expertise to good use, and joins their team. Almost immediately, he is swept up in the most intensely powerful pull of longing he has ever experienced for a woman. Sophie tries desperately to suppress her desires for Kellen. Being burned once by a vampire was more than enough, but with Kellen it is all consuming, and heartbreak or not, she cannot imagine a life without him.

The turmoil and anguish coursing through Kellen’s character drives this book like a force of nature. The action and passion ebbs and flows like a riptide, and with its nonstop intensity you are pulled right into its vortex. Kellen and Sophie are so in tune, both having so much to lose, but their feelings for each other shine like a beacon. The Vampire’s Quest is a must read, and I will eagerly recommend this to any paranormal romance fan.

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