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ISBN: 9781629293103
September 2015
Eternal Press
202 pages
Paranormal Romance, Vampire
Rating: 2 Cups

Lizzy Ewing, the human, is a cook at a diner, and is average all around. After a New Year’s party she stops for gas and meets Nevi, who she thinks is out of her league. During a family dinner she meets Geoffrey who talks of vampires and of gaining special powers on her next birthday. Despite those faults, both men seem to want her. Will she give in to the right one?

Nevi Sharpe, the vampire, is gorgeous, rather rich, has a growing affection for Lizzy, and thinks she is beautiful and perfect, despite her own thoughts on the matter. He insists that he is a good vampire and he only has her happiness in mind. However, he has some secrets about both him and his past that he has not told her yet.

Geoffrey Jenkins, the handler, has the power of telepathy, is handsome, and also thinks of Lizzy as being beautiful and perfect. He recognizes that she might turn into a handler like him, someone who is able to fight vampires, and have special powers, and wants to help her through her transition to become one. He also appears to have plenty of secrets of his own, some which even concern Nevi.

Geoffrey is in town to solve a suspicious murder and hunt a vampire, and suspects that Lizzy is involved with one. Nevi is concealing secrets about himself, his past, and his origins. Lizzy is keeping big secrets from each man; the least of those secrets being the knowledge that she knows either of them and her feelings for them. Will she choose the right man to confide her secrets to? Or will her choice lead to someone’s death?

Lizzy was hard to like, apart from Nevi and Geoffrey, she always had something negative to say. She was inconsistent about her decisions for most things, mainly the one about which man she wanted to be with, which depended on who she was with at the time. The characters were one-dimensional and their emotions were too exaggerated at times. The pacing was not very even, the book started one way, slowed in the middle, and then near the end it sped up and went out with a bang.

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