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ISBN: 9781607774754
Ravenous Romance
171 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Eloise Harding-Savage knows that she is not a beauty. But when she sees the sexy dominant working over the luscious redhead at the BDSM club, she wishes a man would look at her the same way.

Haakon Arikson knows exactly who Eloise is. She is the woman who has haunted his dreams for years and the woman he is supposed to assassinate.

When Eloise wakes up the night after her wedding to an empty bed, she is not totally surprised. She is shocked to find her new husband has given her a gorgeous stallion as a present. When the stallion turns into Haakon, Eloise is not sure whether to scream in shock or delight. Haakon knows he must end the curse that has held him captive for over nine hundred years, but to do so means killing the woman he has grown to love.

The Viking's Forbidden Pleasure is a mixture of historical romance, paranormal, time travel, and BDSM. I found most of the sex scenes were mediocre and seemed forced. However, getting past this issue was not too hard because the rest of the story is great! I loved how Eloise seems to change in front of my very eyes from this self-conscious lady into the beautiful woman that Haakon sees. The emotional pitfalls she goes through really shine throughout the pages and I love how Ms. Brumley makes sure to show Eloise's naivety when it comes to certain props used for sexual pleasure. I think if the author can get her sexy scenes to be as charged as the rest of her novel, her next book will be fantastic.

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