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ISBN: 978-1-908312-07-5
May 2012
Manifold Press
380 Pages
Gay, Romance, Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

The years that William Ashton has spent away from England has made him much more aware of what type of man he truly is. He has no qualms about doing honest hard work, despite his education and upbringing.

Misery is no stranger to Edward Hillier, as he has lost so many of those he has loved. He finds it much easier to throw himself into his work, pushing his mind and his body to exhaustion day after day.

Hillier trusts his instincts and hires Ashton on as a gardener, even though the man has no references and a past he would rather not talk about. The work, Ashton does with pleasure, yet Hillier is the real reason he wishes to stay on at Pennerton Manor. As their friendship grows, even with its pains and pitfalls, Ashton and Hillier must finally confront what they can no longer ignore. Hillier’s position in parliament, his duty to his town and family, all conspire to rob him of his health, but it is his love for Will that could destroy everything.

Edward is a man of such honor and duty that he willingly sacrifices himself for the betterment of those around him, making it hard to imagine how he feels deserving of misery. It is as if he accepts his ill health as punishment for finding any type of happiness with Will. These men are so deserving of the love they share, it saddens me to see them fight their feelings. I think their friendship is truly the cornerstone of this story, and I am extremely pleased to have experienced this author’s work.

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